Cheap Halukakah Lion “KINGS LANDING” Men’s 18k Stamp Real Gold Plated Pendant with Chain

Gold Plated Pendant With Chain
Cheap Halukakah Lion “KINGS LANDING” Men’s 18k Stamp Real Gold Plated Pendant with Chain – Get it on Amazon

The Cheap Halukakah Lion “KINGS LANDING” Men’s 18k Stamp Real gold plated pendant with chain is stamped with thick 18k real gold plated, 100% metal crown lion pendant necklace…not plastic which was commonly seen in the market. This pendant necklace for men has a shiny metallic luster inlaid with Dense Handset Artificial Diamonds. With the Golden Shark Tail Chain measuring about 30″(75cm), this necklace for men has a total weight of 126 grams.

All of this comes with a specially designed Halukakah Gift box without any logo on the surface making gift giving more easily and help you store this street style premier jewelry better. The 100% METAL GUARANTEE & HEAVY MADE Halukakah “SPOTLIGHT” Collection makes the wearer always become the spotlight in the crowd.

Halukakah creates the best street style pendants, bracelets, and chains using the best cutting-edge technology in jewelry making creating a street jewelry that captures the spirit of the modern city. Halukakah products were dipped 5 times in 18k gold or rhodium plating to prevent tarnishing, while other products such as titanium and leather bracelets provide style and quality you can forever trust. With pendants and chains using hand-set CZ stones that come placed along a micro pave setting, and bracelets using genuine leather, Halukakah products include the highest quality of materials.

The Halukakah street style pendants, meanwhile, go through months and months of improvements, alterations, and development before ever reaching your doorstep. And all of our pendants skip the use of traditional mold-based castings to redefine the standards of jewelry making, a standard that contributes to the higher-quality jewelry with more intricate designs.